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My Epic Internship at IceMobile - Week 10

April 11th, 2016

If I were not a communication intern, I would be a UX researcher at IceMobile. But why did I come up with such a thing?


Whenever I see our UX researchers talking passionately about what they do, I’m very impressed. Later, I find myself studying more about what they do and how they do it. So, on the process of being into UX, I have had a little list of my reasons:

First, on a personal level, I’m used to conducting qualitative research and always amazed by the result of it. At the beginning of a research project, you have some assumptions about what you would get by conducting it. However, at the same time you expect to find a different result. 

But why I would like to do UX research especially at IceMobile? Because the user’s experience is the primary motivation of what we are producing here. Different methods are used to measure such as Pulse UX testing, contact chat, cultural relevant research, and experience mapping. The goals are; transferring information effectively, making the user involved to process and having visible results. The process is fun itself by interviewing users - even sometimes doing street interviews and catching people in the train (wow!)- and seeing users everywhere interacting with your product. 

You are always in integrated with people’s motivations and behaviors - the reason I study social sciences- but it goes beyond than just being interested with the issue, you also see the end product. Therefore, the favorite thing about UX is seeing the result based on your own research and it is something very rewarding- that is when I understood why our UX lab loves it! 

Maybe, see you next week with another career path? Stay tuned…

Seyma Turan

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