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My Epic Internship at IceMobile - Week 3

February 22nd, 2016

Embrace Change

You remember IceMobile's internal values I mentioned in the last post? Let's dig a little bit deeper for each of them.

As you might have noticed, I'm not writing about the values in the order of the last post. I'm not rebellious or anything, the reason is personal. Change is a perfect topic to talk about at this time of my life. Since every part of my life is changed by moving to Amsterdam, I'm more into 'change' as a concept. By digging into the meaning of change, we will understand why we (IceMobile ;)) embrace change!

Primarily, everybody has the drive to improve and mostly because the current situation is not satisfying anymore. Still, this is not enough for to change... It requires more than just desire and curiosity. Therefore, the process is always compelling. We struggle with the change because we also have the tendency to favor stability. However, nothing is stable! Thus, the change is somewhere in between 'just curiosity' and 'always new'. This is exactly why I find these values worthy also for life itself.

IceMobile always tried to go beyond of being curious but is willing to stay the same if the unchanged is a better choice. As a technology company, we are aware of the fact that following trends is necessary, but just the ones which are compatible with IceMobile's business approach are lucky enough to be issued.

Next week, be there for another value. It will be a big change!

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