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Jeroen Pietryga

Give to Get!

February 16th, 2015

Two weeks ago a special event took place. About every two years BrandLoyalty invites retailers from around the world to experience not only what BrandLoyalty and IceMobile have to offer, but also to experience the latest and hottest ideas from outside the company. The list of speakers this year included Dr. Werner Vogels (CTO, Keven Roberts (CEO Saatchi&Saatchi) and Justin King (ex-CEO Sainsburry) to name just a few. If you furthermore take into account the master classes, retail tours, the formal- and informal dinners and the fact it took place in Barcelona, you can probably imagine the stage was set for an incredible event.

And the congress sure was incredible. We were surrounded by over 300 retailers and FMCG suppliers and listened to their challenges. Afterwards we offered them our solutions to help, and thus get their business – which sure is exhilarating.

Although the Give to get theme is even applicable here, the real message we wanted to bring across is that you literally need to give in order to get. Whether that is giving out pots and pans for free to get shoppers to spend more, or it is sharing data. In order to get a better designed and thus performing loyalty program, give to get is actually inherent to all that we do.

Also for IceMobile. We give our empathy, focus and agile approach (not coincidentally the three design thinking pillars that we presented in our master class during the RLC) to our clients, so we get the best possible chance of creating epic shit.

Please have a look at the attached short video of the event. Enjoy.

IceMobile master class
IceMobile in action

RLC 2015 Barcelona 'Give to Get' from IceMobile on Vimeo.


Work hard
Jeroen Pietryga
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